Mouthing off about Light Beam

I have to mention my experience with a new lip gloss. I'm a lip gloss fanatic (I won't say 'junkie' just because I don't endlessly apply, I'm just obsessed with the stuff, k?).

I got a tube (or cube is more accurate) of Rimmel's Light Beam gloss, and I LOVE it! The packaging is absolutely worth mentioning because a) it's a short, rectangular cube-y thing, b) it has a built-in mirror (yes!!) and, c) it has a light. What do mean it has a light? Well, it literally has a light inside the cap. A little button on the top of the cap is expertly concealed, but curiously placed so that you DO notice it.

When I got mine, I did the monkey-thing where I spotted the button and of course pushed it...and voila! The beautiful beam of light revealed itself. So great for applying lovely gloss in darkened rooms, like elegant restaurants (when you need a bit of help deciphering the menu), the Opera, or your favorite nightclub when you desperately need lovely lips and you don't want to excuse yourself to pop into the Ladies Room.

Not only is the light in Light Beam fun and fantastic, but the gloss itself is quite nice. It's very light (no pun, really) and subtle. The gloss appears to have a color (or more of a tint) to it, but it translates to a soft sheen with little-to-no color transfer when applied.

The flavor is simply devine. Sweet (but not yucky) and citrus-y. Like you just finished eating a juicy orange and the flavor lingers on your lips. Mmmmmmm.

Bonus alert: Rimmel Light Beam makes a fab lipstick or thick lipgloss base coat by priming your lips with a touch of shimmer, a boost of moisture and a lick of flavor. The best! $10.99 at Ulta.com