Protect Your Skin, Be Good to Your Skin...Everyday

Everyday...be good to your skin. Say hello to Everyday Minerals pure mineral makeup and say good-bye to inferior, damaging, expensive makeup.

What's different about Everyday Minerals? It contains only 4 inert ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, and Zinc Oxide. This is 100% all natural mineral makeup, free from oils, preservatives, fragrance, talc, and all other binders that cause skin irritation.

What else? Everyday Minerals is the only major mineral makeup company in the world offering superior salon-grade mineral makeup at a price every woman can afford. In fact, their goal is to eliminate the need for mass-market chemical and plastic based products entirely so that every woman can enjoy the benefits of premium all-natural makeup. Wow!

I've tried several Everyday Minerals products, including their foundations, concealers and blushes. And I must say that the quality rivals i.d. minerals and Jane Iredale. And you still get the same wonderful, natural protective qualities (all-day-long SPF 15) that you get from the others...with fewer ingredients and for less money. For example, the large 8 gm. size of foundation is $12

Bonus: you can choose from Matte, Semi-Matte, Original Glo (a dewy, slight shimmer), and Intensive, featuring more coverage in an almost-matte formula.

Everyday Minerals gets major bonus points for their FREE Sample Makeup Kit and for their 100% Guarantee.