Open Your Eyes to FACE Atelier

Alert! New "favorite" alert, that is...

FACE Atelier eyeshadow. In a word, luxurious. In many words, perfectly balanced colors, rich textures, soft and smooth application, hours of wear, no creasing or caking...I could go on, but let's just move on to a few of my favorite shades. $15

Light pinky-peach with a tiny hint of shimmer. The perfect base color for fair-skinned folk like myself. Or wear Melon alone with cat-eye liquid eyeliner...tres chic.

Metallic Taupe
Simply gorgeous, perfectly shimmery medium-toned warm brown. I LOVE Metallic Taupe when sporting a smoky eye to die for. Much more luxurious than grey or black.

Blue Steel
The photo appears more grey than it actually is, Blue Steel is an absolutely gorgeous, oceanic, warm-ish shimmery blue. If mermaids wore eyeshadow, this is the color they'd wear every day. Period. Blue Steel makes a lovely contour shade, and also a fabulous layering color when eye-lining.

Ice Burg
Yum. Ice Burg is one of those eyeshadow colors that I cannot stop staring at. It is truly one of the most gorgeous, rich colors I've ever laid eyes on (hahahahahaha)...and when I lay it on my eyes, WOW. If you have any green or gold in your eyes, Ice Burg makes it POP! Again, a perfect shade for 'smoking' or for contouring.

Highly Recommended: FACE atelier's eye shadow Palettes, available in (4)-well and (12)-well designs