Long Lasting Soft Lips from TESS Sun-Kissed Lip Balm

I recently tried another great lip product from TESS (Teen Everyday Skincare System). It's called Sun-Kissed Lip Balm, and all I can say is that this is hands down the best lip balm I've ever used. I love how their website humbly claims "Deeply moisturizes and protects the lips from overexposure to the sun." Well, I'm here to say that this claim is absolutely true. And I'll even add some acclaim to their claim.

I've been using Sun-Kissed for several days and my lips have never been softer....and I've never had a lip-balm last so long, and be so pleasant to apply and wear (endlessly). For example, today before I left the house to play tennis, I put on Sun-Kissed--by the way, yummy subtle minty-vanilla scent and pleasantly sweet flavor--and after an hour on the court, Sun-Kissed was still going strong. Seriously, there was still a nice layer of this perfectly textured balm on my lips. And the look is untraditional for a balm. Not waxy, not glossy...just right.

So, say goodbye to rough, chapped lips. And say goodbye to messy, waxy, goopy lip-balm. And say hello, soft, supple, kissable lips...for good. $16