Get Creative...with Creative Nail Design

Creative Nail Design, started by dentist-by-day, chemist-by-night Dr. Stuart Nordstrom (nice name!) in 1970's, is the home of renowned products like Solar Oil (remember Solar Oil? I do...and I still use it today!) and GelBond nail adhesive. Creative Nail Design was 'reborn' in 1997 and they are still going strong (pun definitely intended) today.

If you've never tried one of the amazing Creative Nail Design Enamels, you are in for a treat. Unlike many nail polishes, CND formulates their enamels with NO formaldehyde and NO DBP. So, they're good for your nails. Plus, the addition of a UV absorber prevents the no less than 109 richly pigmented shades from discoloring or fading.

These lush enamels, $6 each, glide on like butter, with no lines, gloppiness...they're practically goof-proof because the formula is sooooo smooth. And they dry quickly, to a hard, yet flexible, finish. I've been wearing a shade called Negligee which is a barely pink, sheer, slightly opalescent shade that is perfect for daytime.

Creative Nail Design also offers some fab cuticle repair products. A.H.A. Cuticle Eraser is a hydrating treatment that helps rough, dry cuticles 'disappear' and keeps hangnails away. Rejuvenator, with copper, peptides, panthenol and aloe, is an incredibly rich copper complex cuticle therapy cream for those of us with especially damaged skin around the cuticle. Me, the cuticle-nibler, has found that the combination of these repair treatments topped with a layer of Solar Oil has transformed my sad, ragged cuticles into those of a 'lady of leisure.' Well, not only are my nails Creative, but so are my fantasies, right?