Three for May: Benefit, FACE atelier and Beauty Addicts

May...Mother's Day, Memorial Day, International Nurse's Day (not familiar? It's on May 12th). May...it's the only month in which a President of the United States has not died (okay, weird, I know, but true).

May...a month of focus, the fifth month. In May, GirlPaint will focus on three. Three what? Three cosmetics manufacturers, what else?! FACE atelier, Beauty Addicts and Benefit Cosmetics will take center stage this month.

Benefit Cosmetics? Well everyone knows them, right? But I intend to cover some of the skincare products that don't get as much attention as their famous cosmetics. Included will be Dear John, a face cream for "movin' on;" Eyecon, brightening eye cream and Jiffy Tan, which if you didn't gather from the name is a self-tanner...for the body, not the face.

FACE atelier, the official makeup sponsor of Madonna's True Confessions tour (hello!), is a cosmetics company that believes that we, as women, need cosmetics assistance and that all this fancy 'natural ingredients' business is not necessarily the best route to go when making makeup that works. Now don't get me wrong, FACE is not about chemical or weird fake-y ingredients...oh, no, in fact, they tout that only the 'essential' ingredients are included in their high-quality formulas--to the point that they do not use any scents or flavors. FACE, originally geared towards professional artists (the acclaimed makeup artist/hair dresser Billy B. claims that FACE atelier's Ultra Foundation "...has changed the way I do makeup."), is gaining a reputation for being quite user-friendly and incredibly innovative. FACE atelier is against animal testing and strictly adheres to PETA testing procedures...you have to admire them for that (well, I know I do).

Beauty Addicts, a relatively new cosmetics line with fans like Sharon Stone and Zooey Deschanel, believes in the ease of choice in makeup. Their packaging is, in a word, stunning. More than that, however, is the quality and sophistication of their makeup. The first time I opened a Beauty Addicts eyeshadow compact, I literally gasped--the colors were so beautiful, perfectly coordinated...and just looked soooo rich. And I am eager to share this experience...and the line...with you!

So stay tuned, May's the month. The month for three.