Three for May: Cheeks by FACE atelier, beautyADDICTS and Benefit

Don't be a cheeky monkey. Just be cheeky. Fabulously cheeky, of course.

Part of GirlPaint's Three for May focus on FACE atelier, beautyADDICTS brings us to sunny, pretty, spring-summer cheeks.

FACE atelier proudly offers Ultra Blush. I have never been a big fan of powder blushes...they tend to look streaky or cakey on me, or they just wear off. Not so with Ultra Blush. Plain and simple, not shimmery or bright, Ultra Blush is available in five fairly neutral, wonderfully professional colors. Plus, it's easy to blend and looks silky smooth for hours. Me being as fair as I am, I love Pink Satin (the same shade used for Madonna's Confessions Tour) which is the perfect pink, not too light, not too deep. Also available are Peach Glaze, Rosewood, Tea and Mocha. And surprisingly, each color looks like it's supposed to...like you'd expect it to. The colors are not cryptic, strange or off. All are lovely...and all were featured, by the way, at New York's Fashion Week to much accord. $22

Equally lovely, but quite different, beautyADDICTS features a sunny cheek disc, aptly named HydraSUNRays. HydraSUNRays is available in one single, perfect color. This is one of those great colors that you simply build, depending on the amount of color you want. And build you can...with ease and confidence. No cakey build-up here. Just a sunny wash of glowy, warm color. beautyADDICTS' HydraSUNRays does not shimmer, but it IS formulated with pure pearl powder which claims to "stimulate cell renewal." Plus, it is packed with healthful anti-oxidants and green tea to soothe and calm. So, HydraSUNRays is not only healthy-looking, it actually is healthy. Good stuff, that! $32

Benefit cheeks? Oh, Benefit cheeks. I'm sure everyone is expecting me to wax poetic about Dallas or Hoola...or even Benetint. But no. Everyone knows what lovely cheeks you can achieve with these well-known products. I am talking about jiffy tan. What? Haven't you heard of Benefit's jiffy tan? Well, allow me to go on then. jiffy tan is actually a 'body' product, but I found that it gives you the most beautiful, warm and fabulously natural-looking sun-kissed cheeks! jiffy tan is a tinted, lightly shimmery self-tanner--so be sure to wash your fingertips after you apply. I recommend applying jiffy tan before you put on your makeup--just let it dry for 10-15 minutes. You'll get an immediate glow and touch of glimmer. And then a couple of hours later, you'll look like you spent the day at the beach...minus the damaging UV. And if you want more glowy goodness, just apply another layer. P.S. the shimmer washes right off when you wash your face. $24