Three for May: Benefit Dear John Face Cream & eyecon Eye Cream

Benefit Cosmetics not only has great cosmetics, but they also have some decent skincare offerings.

Unfortunately, I was not overly impressed with Dear John.

The fine art of primping that Benefit promises doesn't seem to extend to this particular moisturizer. Although Dear John does a fine job of delivering nice, simple moisture, it tends to be a little waxy and for my taste, a tad heavy in texture.

Plus at $30 for 2 oz. which ain't too bad, I struggle to find the value. Touted by Benefit as "Loaded with active ingredients...like a 'moisture magnet' for your skin...put lustre back into your complexion," I did an exhaustive search of the ingredients and could not really find one that was particularly 'active.'

On the other hand, Benefit's eyecon eye cream with fading action offers tremendous benefits (ha, ha!), a nice, active list of ingredients, and a texture that is fluffy and truly beautiful.