Three for May: Background on beautyADDICTS

For me, I must admit I find very little romance behind the bigger, more well-known cosmetics brands...as nice as they are, they don't tickle my quest for 'the story.' As Oprah says, 'everyone has a story' and I absolutely relish hunting for products that are brought to us by little upstarts, entrepreneurs...dreamers. These are the ones that hold the most satisfaction for me to test, try and ultimately wear. I was a business owner myself for over 10 years, so it must be my desire to support the 'little guy' (or girl), to promote those that are trying their best to push their way into an ocean of well-backed, well-placed products, that really gets me going. Hence...beautyADDICTS.

Since I've been testing several of beautyADDICTS cosmetics, I've discovered quite a bit about the line itself. Adam, the Founder & CEO, has an engineering background with lots of high-tech qualifications. He combined his education and techie contacts with an innate love of color and design, and beautyADDICTS was born. Maria, beautyADDICTS' President, was a cosmetics heavy-hitter for many years who left the industry to 'save the world' in the world of non-profits. However, her love of cosmetics brought her back to the beauty biz (we cannot stay gone for long, can we? it must be love...or addiction?). She eventually found her way to this great company.

beautyADDICTS theory, concept and design is based on four color families: Glow, Express, Motivate and Seduce. Glow is flirtatious with lots of lavenders and pinks smartly balanced with smokey greys and nutty browns. Express (my personal favorite, perfect for day-wear) is sleek and minimalist with its neutral palette of ivory, golds and natural peachy-pinks. Motivate is edgy and sophisticated with its high-contrast plums, mauves and greys. And Seduce is well...seductive with its dramatic and sexy ruby, burgundy and silver-based palette.

Each 'family' incorporates a quad of stunning, high-quality eye colors, silky-smooth cheek duo, beautiful lip quad and, and--an interesting and artistic addition--a Glimmer duo, essentially a highlighter set that can take any of the families, in an almost-effortless step or two, from day to-night.

Of course, the families of color can be mixed, but the simplicity and elegant design guide you effortlessly through the beautyADDICTS experience. What a concept! Beautiful, sophisticated...and easy.