Tess Perfect Pout Strawberry Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Tess Perfect Pout Strawberry Moisturizing Lip Gloss

TESS (aka Teen Everyday Skincare System) Skin's Perfect Pout is one of those truly surprising products that made me re-think "Teen" skincare. I mean, I'm a thirty-something, but somedays my skin reacts more like I'm a thirteen-year old. So why in the world couldn't my skin, more specifiically in this case: my lips, benefit from a product designed for teenaged skin...well, it could and it does.

On to my experience with this more-than-fun lip treatment. First off, from the looks of Perfect Pout, you'd never think it was 'teen' product. The packaging looks more grown-up than some of the truly grown-up products I've purchased. Next, the product itself: way more grown-up than many of the "grown-up" products I've purchased. The gloss is not goopy, but it is substantial. Although it smells of strawberries, it's not plastic-y. In fact, the addition of Aloe Vera gel and Safflower oil really ground this lip gloss and bring it to the level of a lip treatment. But more than that, the gloss is really pretty. It looks clear, reddish-orange but it goes on perfectly clear...perhaps with just a hint of color, but certainly not noticeable, just healthy.

I've started using TESS Perfect Pout as the last step in my night-time skincare regimen, and my lips have never been softer or smoother. Plus, I use it as my lip-color base when I apply my daily makeup, and my lip color of choice always lasts longer and my lips look more youthful and dewy...throughout the day.

So, my darlings, here's one of those age-old (pun entirely intended) lessons that you cannot judge a book by it's cover, nor can you judge a lip gloss by it's name. What is supposedly intended for "teens" may surprise the most grown-up woman in all of us...and make us look (and feel) much younger than our birthdate mandates.