Johnny B. Takes Shaving to the Next Level

Although removing hair from your body (or your face, in the case of you guys...or girls who shave your faces. what? anyway.) is not a glamorous task--actually far from it. It's tedious, boring, mundane...but it must be done. Agreed?

Well, I'm happy to say that I recently found a fabulous shaving cream (well, not actually a shaving cream--read on) that makes this tedious task, well, kinda fun.

Johnny B. Shampoo Paste (GirlPaint, did you say 'shampoo'? Yes, yes I did.) IS it! This tub of cool, funky textured (i liken it digging into icy, fluffy, firm-ish cream) is heaven to shave with. And Johnny B. knows it. Heck, they even claim its double duty right there on the label.

The lather is not super-sudsy, but it conditioning properties and cooling sensation (thanks to a touch of menthol and cinnamon oils) make it the perfect shaving cream. Johnny B. Shampoo Paste takes shaving to the next level...leaving your skin smooth and silky with no knicks. And it smells great, too.

And because Johnny B. Shampoo Paste is, in fact, a shampoo (a conditioning shampoo!), it's not only great for saving space in your shower and great for traveling (it's not a liquid!), it's also great for the environment!