Yahoo! Answers: GirlPaint Q&A "Best"

Yahoo! Answers: GirlPaint Q&A Best!

I always thought I knew the answers...at least some of them. Turns out I was right. I recently joined Yahoo! Answers and started sharing some answers from the pool of knowledge I have accumulated over the years about hair, skin care and of course, makeup.

And you know what? My answers have been selected as "Best" answers 17% of the time. I'd say that's pretty good. I earn points on Yahoo Answers for each answer posted, plus I get bonus points for Best answers. Incidentally, answers are deemed the 'Best' by the individual who posed the question. Now, I'm not quite sure what happens with these accumulated points, other than the I have the right to brag about them. Granted, I'm a newbie in this world of Answers, but my competitive nature drives me to earn more and more points...hence I work hard to give good answers. What can I say, it's fun...and maybe a little silly...but there a lots of questions to answer.

Here's wishing you all a Happy Easter and Happiness and Togetherness for Passover.