M'Eye Disappointment

This week I received the newest product from Tarte, one of my all-time favorite cosmetics specialists. The product? It's called EmphasEYES and it's Tarte's answer to the age-old question "how do I get my eyeliner pencil to last, especially when I line the inner rims of my lovely eyes?"

I must say, my dear Painters, that I have not had a 'lasting' experience with EmphasEYES. Application is difficult because the pencil is VERY thin and it's hard to control. On top of that, EmphasEYES has one of those flat-end, twist up designs that does not lend itself to tightlining. It was made to 'emphasize' the inner rims which it does nicely...for about 30 minutes. However (and this is one pretty big 'however'), the formula, for me anyway, slid and smudged and ended up completely gone by the end of the day. By Noon, I looked racoon-ish, and by five, well...let's just say it was not pretty. I was so plagued with fallout under my eyes that I rubbed it all away (along the tedious applications of powder, foundation, concealer and primer)...yuk.

To top it off, I'm a contact lens wearer--I'm not lucky enough to have the proper corneal depth to have the 'magic corrective eye surgery'--and my contacts had dark floaties on them all day long, no matter how often I removed and rubbed and rinsed them.

All said and done, I feel a little let down. This is Tarte's new featured product (only available on QVC, mind you). Hopefully, they reformulate it, or at the very least, take out any reference to 'budge-proof' or 'long lasting color.' I'm sure it's a decent eyeliner pencil, but I haven't used eyeliner pencils in years...I'm stuck on liquid for it's lasting power and for me, ease of application.

EmphasEYEs is one tiny blot on a reputation that's truly supreme. Darn it. I really wanted Tarte's EmphasEYES to be awesome...it just wasn't.