No Foolin': If You’re Second Rate, Admit It

If You’re Second Rate, Admit It: Donna M.C. Johnson (Startup.com article link)

Donna Maria Coles Johnson, a lawyer and entrepreneur better known by her business name "Donna Maria," has a passion for home made beauty products. Years ago, she started her own handmade products company--unfortunately, to little fanfare. She found that her business was 2nd best in an ocean of 1st bests.

But she was familiar with all the 1st bests in this business of hand made beauty products, both wholesale and retail, and since she knew she was 1st best in business and entreprenerial success (and they were not--many were struggling despite the fabulousness of their products), she channeled her passion for hand made beauty products into her own 1st best business, the Indie Beauty Network.

What the IBN does is helps all these little indie businesses maximize their potential by coming together, centralizing their ideas and marketing efforts, and growing their businesses cooperatively and collaboratively.
"IBN's missions include harnessing the shared energy and vitality of members to address issues of consumer education, regulation, marketing and public relations, freeing IBN members to concentrate on achieving making their businesses a driving force in the competitive global marketplace."
So if you're into hand made beauty products, crafting, making your own products (even if it's just good 'ol lipbalm), you have your own hand made beauty products business, or if just you're into supporting small--mostly women-owned--businesses, GirlPaint encourages you to check out Donna Maria and the Indie Beauty Network.