Glossifed and Glorious

I'm a lipgloss junkie...well, addict anyway. And I would be remiss if I didn't share how great one of my favorite stand-by glosses is. It's by a well-known purveyor...one I'm sure you're all familiar with, but with all the amazing glosses out there, it sometimes gets pushed by the wayside, forgotten, unfairly.

Every day (well, almost), I grab my Sephora Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss in my favorite shade Golden Rose 16. I think of it like Nars Orgasm, only for my lips. It has that same great 'perfect' glow-y balance of pink and coral with a beautiful, but subtle, golden shimmer. And it glossifies like no other. Shiny, fabulous.

And it lasts. I'm notorious for alway having my triple latte, water (no ice) or mint herbal tea handy, so I've got to have staying power when it comes to my lip products. Many have tried. Tried and failed? No, tried and died. But not Sephora Ultra-Shine. It's formula, while not too gloppy or gooey, is a powerhouse.

And with 24 amazing shades to choose from (including clear), you're sure to find your favorite too. $15