Flawless Eyeshadow...Primer-Free!

The brilliant beauties at Benefit bring us Creaseless Cream Shadows. These babies are THE shadow for low-maintenance days (or gals) when you just want to swipe a quick daub of color across their lids and run out the door...and still look amazing (and like you spent more than a few seconds on your makeup)!

The texture is light and a bit spongey or spring-y. Cooling to the touch and smooth as silk, Creaseless Cream Shadows come in a lovely assortment of soft shades, perfect for spring...or for those of us with fair-to-medium complexions.

Flexible? CCS's are wonderful for lining. The smooth-as-silk texture whips on quickly, and the soft formula helps prevent smudgey mess-ups. Oh, and they also make FABULOUS highlighters for cheeks, chins, decolletes...you find a spot you want to highlight and Benefit's gotcha covered...pun, intended.

Another great feature? Plain and simple, Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows work well on bare, un-primed skin.

Ease of application, flexibility and smooth, blendable formula...and beautiful shades--all these add up to one amazing product (shall I say, another great product from Benefit). Certainly one of my new favorites!

Bonus! Creaseless Cream Shadows are featured as a part of Benefit's newest quiz. Take the quiz and reveal your FREE gift!