Firm Up for Bikini Season...or Just for Fun

All right, Ladies. How many of you can honestly say you're ready for beach weather? Do you have a beach bod? My guess is that you may need a little help. Luckily, I have that little bit of help, and I'm going to share my little secret helper.

Flirty Little Secret, a revolutionary new firming cream from Booty Parlour, contains a wheat protein which acts as the firming agent, a collagen booster to create the appearance of smooth skin and Bio-Bustyle, a targeted enhancer to firm and tone the bust.

Does it really work? Well, I've been putting it to the test for the past three weeks, and I can honestly (and quite happily) say that yes, it does! Listen, I'm thirty-something, work indoors--primarily behind a desk, could lose about 10 pounds. And Flirty Little Secret has me excited about wearing shorts...and even my bathing suit.The texture is nice and dense, but not greasy. It smells lightly of apricots...nice, but not overwhelming, so it won't overpower your favorite fragrance. It also contains a touch of shimmer, so while you're on your way to toned, tight sexiness, you have a little extra help in the way of light-reflecting particles.

Another secret about Flirty Little Secret? It contains a special ingredient to make you irresistible to the opposite sex...pheromones. While making your skin look tighter and more toned, Flirty Little Secret will make sure that all the boys will take notice of your curves. Unleash your inner man magnet and pick up your own Flirty Little Secret.

Oh yes, don't forget Mom! Mother's Day is fast approaching, and what Mom wouldn't like to share our Flirty Little Secret? 6 oz. $32
Booty Parlor