Champagne Wishes, and Lemonade Dreamzzzzzzz

Spring is officially upon us (although if you live anywhere in the U.S., you might be wondering...), and it's time to spruce up that wintery hair.

Sudzz FX comes to the rescue with Lemonade Dreamzz, a lucious, lemony souffle made for all hair types, lengths and conditions. Dreamzz is a great shaping and texturizing cream. Great for all types of hair including fine hair, you can use it for blow drying volume into the style, as a leave in fixative for both straight and curly hair. Plus, it holds shape of your brush when blow drying.

For you stylists out there, Lemonade Dreamzz makes a great cutting lotion when mixed with Zenyth Frizz Eliminator, giving hair shape and body in the cutting process. It leaves curl soft and sleek if using diffuser. It can be used for dressing long hair into up-do styles.

And it's also great for finishing details. Lemonade Dreamzz adds shine, body, and volume. $15.95 for 2oz.