Brill-iance for Your Eyes...

The BRILLIANT Diane Brill, author, pop-icon, “It Girl,” and self-promoter extraordinaire, is also a cosmetics magnate.

Her line, not surprisingly, is geared towards an evening look, all about re-inventing yourself. I recently checked out her eye shadows and, although the shades are sultry, fabulous and rich, I found my new day-time favorite shade, Tiara Lace, that I now use every day, without fail.

Tiara Lace is that perfect, light champagne-y shade. Upon opening the pretty ‘lace embossed’ compact, the shadow appears very glittery. But upon application, you find a soft, subtle shimmer with the right amount of sparkle—it actually subtracts the look of tiredness and age! A little below your eyebrows, a dot in the inner corners of your eyes...voila, fabulous! Tiara Lace also makes an ideal highlighter--cheekbones, chin and Cupid's bow look lovelier with just a touch. Quite remarkable. Plus, the shadow’s formulation is perfectly smooth and, better yet, NOT tested on animals.

I must congratulate Ms. Brill on another achievement. Introducing a complete line of cosmetics is an undertaking that even the most ambitious socialites do not undertake. Diane Brill has done it, and done it quite successfully!

Diane Brill Eyeshadow, aka Lingerie for Your Eyes, is much like the woman herself, warm, witty and full of the best ingredients…okay, maybe that last bit was a stretch, but you know what I mean.

photos courtesy of www.dianebrill.com