Beauty Blender Sponge + Cleanser Duo Pack

Beauty Blender Sponge + Cleanser Duo Pack

Sick of your dirty, makeup filled cosmetics sponge but still yearn for the blending and natural texture you get from it? You're in luck! BeautyBlender, created by two talented makeup-artists-to-the-stars, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, will help YOU look like a movie star without paying for the pricey services of a high-end makeup artist.

This egg-shaped wonder sponge, used to 'stipple' ('stippling' is bouncing the sponge lightly on your face as you apply your makeup), blend and soften your cosmetics application, has so many pro's they're hard to count. Let's just say that NO makeup sponge even comes close to BeautyBlender's ability to create a flawless, natural texture. You can use it wet or dry to apply, blend and soften makeup primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and powder--and you can probably find some additional applications by just playing with it! It's pretty, it's fun and guess what else? It's CLEAN! Clean means better skin, ya'll, anyway you look at it. But how is it so clean? Read on, Dear Painters...

BeautyBlender comes with it's own little clear, acrylic pedestal right in the package, so it's designed to be washed after each use and then perched atop its specially designed little spot to airdry. You can purchase BeautyBlender with the custom formulated cleanser called what else? BlenderCleanser!

BlenderCleanser is a gentle, lavender-infused cleanser packaged in an ingenious upside-down pump bottle made especially to gently and effectively clean the BeautyBlender.

One (or two) last great features that I just have to mention: environmental consciousness and Earth friendly. Yes, because BeautyBlender is sturdy and washable, it lasts forever and can be used just as long. And BlenderCleanser's formula is low-suds, soy-based and free of dyes and irritants. What more can I say? Not much. Just this...you gotta get one! (via CherryCulture)

Notable Beauty Blenders: Gwen Stafani, Oprah, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Alicia Silverstone