The Art of Lip Balm

Australians Dianna Burmas (a supremely talented merchandiser) and Dion St. Mor (renowned interior designer) met in Melborne, hit it off and combined their efforts to create MOR. The name, serendipitously discovered on a New Delhi street sign on one of the many trips the duo took together, means “peacock” in Hindi. Their foray into beauty products began with a shared fondness for traditional apothecary, the art and science of making health-enhancing beauty products.

From there, a line of candles and soaps was born. In keeping with the exquisite beauty associated with the cavalier peacock, today MOR features over 250 sophisticated and artistic products custom created for their discriminating clientele.

MOR Lip Silk is like a lip balm ‘experience.’ It incorporates almost all your senses. Elegant luxury packaging in the tradition of Chinoiserie exhibits an antique design style inspired by the culture and art of China. Even the little ladylike paper ‘purse’ that encloses the chic acrylic lip compact is lined with a beautiful floral pattern and has the sweetest satin ribbon ‘handle.’ No detail is overlooked.

Altogether feminine, the fragrance is soft and refined. Essences of peony, muguet and violets are combined with subtle sandalwood and orchid—the scent is so beautiful, Lip Silk could almost be used as perfume…but then your lips would suffer.

The smooth and delicate texture turns almost liquid as soon as you wipe your fingertip across the glassy surface. Smearing Lip Silk on your lips reveals a pleasing and subtle shine that looks great over lipstick or on its own. The flavor of this lip treat is delicate, lightly sweet and floral…much like honeysuckle in spring. MOR Lip Silk leaves your lips velvety soft and silky smooth.

MOR products are featured online at Cherryculture. FYI: Beautiful and famous fans of the MOR line include Charlize Theron, Elle MacPherson, Oprah and Hillary Duff.