Skin Savers Deluxe

I was down with a major head cold over the weekend and as a result of rubbing my nose raw with too many Subway napkins (who buys Kleenex anyway?) and suffering rough, chapped lips from heavy-duty decongestants and antibiotics, my face was not lookin' too good, ya'll.

So I reached for a few (hopeful) remedies and thank goodness, by the time Monday rolled around, I was actually quite presentable.

Juice Beauty Organics To Go Kit contains a power-packed, anti-oxidant rich assembly of organic facial goodies to help you put your best face forward. Kit includes a creamy milk cleanser, refreshing hydrating mist, exfoliating green apple peel, vitamin rich-antioxidant serum and lightweight oil-free moisturizer. $29 (a $45 value for only $29?! Yes!)

Skin Actives Scientifics Every Lipid Serum (ELS) is specifically designed to help repair the skin barrier and supply all lipids your skin needs. I never knew my skin needed so many lipids, but this healing serum is the one product I vow to never be without again...ever. Ever. $9.50 for .5 oz.

And who'da ever thought that a super-shiny lip gloss would actually soothe and treat your lips well enough to heal and reverse chapped lips? Not me, but guess what? I was wrong, wrong, wrong. TINte's Flavored Lip Shine provided a fabulous, shea-butter enriched layer of pampering goodness to my lips that was unexpected. Nourishing, moisturizing and very pretty to boot, TINte continues to impress me with their incredible lip treats...ehem, treatments. $17

Head colds be d*****, I've finally got you beat! Ha-ha!