GirlPaint's Beautybar Updated

Hola! GirlPaint has updated the Fab Feeds on our ToolBar, aka Beautybar, so if you haven't downloaded it yet, what's the delay?! Get on it, Girl.

Featured GirlPaint Beautybar Feeds include...
  • The Beauty Read at the Beauty Blog Network where Elke shares the best from THE Network
  • Ageless in Los Angeles features one of the great beauty goddesses of our era, Madonna, and her decision to bare all on Nip/Tuck
  • Beautiful shoes by tashkent over at a wee bit skint.
  • Ms. New Beauty dishes about her not-so-great experience at Shecky's Girls Night Out
  • Apples2apple Blog revisits the stone age...of bathtubs. Alls I can say is, "Yo quiero!"
  • Faking Good Breeding ponders, "Are Expensive Makeup Brushes Worth It?" I can answer that one...yes, some of them
  • Does Cargo's Pursegloss measure up? Find out. Beautynomics weighs the pluses and minuses
  • Eyeshadow Government gives a nod to Britney and rehabs her own hair with Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream
  • Beauty Dish invites you to add yourself to the Beauty Dish Map...how fun! Now I know where all ya'll live (or at least where you admit to living)
  • Who's the Hottie, and Not-So-Hottie, of the day? Check out Celeb Gossp Junkie for the answer--NEW LOOK ALERT! Ceceladybug recently modernized the look of Celeb Gossip Junkie; GirlPaint likey!
So, there's lots to do and see and download and install! So get busy and for that extra touch of Girl, don't forget to add the GirlPaint Beautybar to your browser.