B Fabulous

Do you believe in magic? Do you like moldable, highly textured hair styles? Well, I found just the 'stuff' for you. B Tenacious Design Fix is the 'stuff.'

Brand new from Benniefactor, B Tenacious is a creamy-spongey (to create texture, the product must have a weird texture) mint-colored opaque pomade that smells of cucumbers and daisies...well, that's what is smells like to me, and yes, it smells really good.

Benniefactor's B Tenacious is available in salons only, so visit their website to find out where you can B Fabulous and obtain some B Tenacious...and B Beautiful.

Tips to remember when using B Tenacious are #1) start with just a little bit or you could end up with a bit of a mess--B Tenacious can weigh your hair down especially if it's fine in texture, #2) apply B Tenacious to dry hair so you can judge exactly how much you need and just where you want to put it, and #3) have fun!

image courtesy of Benniefactor. Special thanks to Nicole for the sample.