Two Days in the Surf and Sun...and My Lips are Perfect!

I get chapped lips at the drop of a hat, but I must say I'm amazed that I spent 8 hours on airplanes and several hours at the beach over the past couple of days and because of Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss, my lips remained perfect through my entire trip.

The texture of Inside Out is thick, so if you find heavy glosses unpleasant, this one might not be for you. However, even though it is thick, Inside Out is very smooth. Plus it smells wonderful, sort of citrus-y and not too sweet, like fresh pomegranates.

I kept a nice, thick layer of ultra-long lasting and comfortably soothing Inside Out Lip Gloss in either OM (a light, neutral, almost-clear gloss with silver-white shimmer, top picture) or Apple-A-Day (a very sheer, rosy pink with also with a subtle shimmer, bottom picture) on my lips at all times. And it paid off. My lips are actually healthier than when I left home, even with all the time on airplanes (can you believe we had to change planes in Salt Lake City to get to Los Angeles from Albuquerque?!) and at the beach. Fabulous, simply fabulous. Another winner from Tarte.

Special Bonus Alert: Inside each Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss is a single serving of BORBA's specially formulated vitamin cocktail powder. You just mix with a glass of water and sip your way to a more beautiful you. So, while Tarte's shimmery gloss beautifies you on the outside, BORBA's nutraceutical blend beautifies you on the inside. Inside Out includes natural ingredients from BORBA's Age Defying, Replenishing, and Clarifying lines.