Trend Watching at the Grammy's

Trend: 40's Meets 80's, Christina Aguilera (stunning!!) at the Grammy's

Trend: Trapeze Silhouette, Ciara (hmmm, not so sure) at the Grammys

Trend: The new color, buff, Mary J. Blige (lovely) at the Grammy's

Trend: Metallics, Carrie Underwood (nice but ordinary...and what's with the pencil bag?), Hillary Duff (oops) , India Arie (pass the Grog) and Fergie (not bad for Fergie, honestly)

More Grammy Beauty and Fashion Highlights
The Dixie Chicks, Back in Black ...and beautiful (love Natalie's new hair color)

Lovely Ladies in Red:
Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Cole and Shakira

And guys, too...OK Go

Okay, let's go...

Photos courtesy of WireImage.com and Style.com