Threat Down for Chapped, Dry Lips

I have been a big fan of Apivita's Propoline skincare line. Their Body Milk for Dry Skin is heavenly. Plus, their lip balms are unmatched in their protective abilities.

Propoline recently introduced a new lip LipAid Trio. Just in time for the mid-winter blahs, these healing, protective, preventive and cosmetic lip balm wonder triplets includes LipAid Propolis for healing and reversing chapped lips, LipAid Chamomile (ahhhh, soothing) to reduce sensitivity and calm redness associated with chapped lips, and LipAid Rose for added moisture and a beautiful glaze of roseberry color. And you get all three for only $13.50? Goodness me, the LipAid Trio makes a wonderful Valentines gift for your best friend, your sister, your mother and your grandmother.