If I told you that you had a beautiful product, would you hold it against me?

Spa Towells, individually packaged moisturizing disposable body towelettes, were recently introduced to much fanfare. Spa Towells are the brainchild of two Dallas beauties, Ellen and Lisa, who developed and patented the very-cool design. One a retired consultant and the other a stay-at-home mom, they created Spa Towells as a time-saver for today's active women (and men).

If you're not familiar with Spa Towells, they are individually wrapped 8"x8" lightly scented moisturizing towelettes drenched in a rich blend of natural oils, antioxidant rich vitamins and moisture attracting humectants that leave skin on your body feeling smoother, softer and more supple.

Fabulous for visits to the spa and gym, Spa Towells are indespensible when you travel, especially since you can't take along your big bottle of body moisturizer anymore! Plus you avoid messy moisturizer spills in your gym bag, or even worse, your suitcase.

Bargain alert: Spa Towells just announced a major savings...10 Spa Towells for $10, 20 Spa Towells for $20 and 30 Spa Towells for $30. That's a buck each, ya'll...now you have absolutely no excuse not to give 'em a try if you haven't already!