Hair Medicine from THE Hair Doctor

I received a package of SudzzFX goodies in the mail today, and guess where they came from? Right here in Santa Fe. From none other than the Santa Fe Salon's and International Creative Director of SudzzFX, Dwight Miller. Among his many achievements (many, many achievements), Mr. Miller is responsible for creating some of the best lines in hairdo history, including John Frieda's Sheer Blonde, Vidal Sassoon and System Biolage. Add another winner to his resume: SudzzFX.

So, I must say after my weekend in the California sun, my hair needed an assist. So here was SudzzFX's Zenyth Frizz Eliminator. Unlike most other silicone-based shine boosters, Zenyth has a much thinner texture and includes health enhancing ingredients like extracts of asparagus (?!) and sandalwood and is packed with amino acids. A drop or two of Zenyth and my hair was instantly smoother, silkier and much shinier.

I've tried a number of brilliance enhancers and most have disappointed. Most left my hair greasy-looking and weighed down. With Zenyth, I couldn't be happier to report the exact opposite it true. The beautiful, light texture stays true from bottle to application to long-wearing loveliness.

My locks thank you, Doctor Dwight!