Clean up...with oil?

I am probably the last product junkie to try DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil, but I just wasn't sure about cleaning my face with oil. Anyway, I recently had the opportunity to try it, and I did.

The cleanser looks, smells and feels just like extra virgin olive oil, perhaps a tad lighter, thinner. I rubbed a nickel-sized portion onto my dry face, neck and hands, as instructed by DHC. It's just like oil...I can't get over it. I rinsed with lukewarm water, just like the instructions say. I fully expected to have a layer of oil left on my face after rinsing, but no, it rinses completely away...and I mean completely.

The first splash or two of water on my face washed some of the product into my eyes. It didn't burn, but for several seconds I had a coat of oil on my eyes, which was quite unpleasant. It did finally wash out. One thing I noticed right away is that my skin felt very smooth and 'deeply' clean, but it also felted "stripped," like there were no natural oils left on my face. My skin felt tight and dry. I used the deep cleansing oil for several days, just to be sure, and I experienced the same dry, tight feeling each time, plus my skin was drier overall, over the course of the day, despite not changing anything else in my skincare ritual other than using DHC's cleanser.

Hence, I do not recommend DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil for those with dry skin, or even normal skin. It would probably be a great cleanser, however , for combination and oily skin--as counterintuitive as it seems, cleansing with 'oil' (at least DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil) seems best suited for those with oily skin.

Pros - Cleans face gently, completely
Cons - Unless your skin is combo-to-oily, it will leave you feeling a little dry