THE Bronzer for Spring '07

'Member how I said bronzers are BIG for Spring? And 'member how I said they would be sublter in '07? Well, I got a little package from Tarte today, and enclosed was a little sump'n-sump'n (yep, I went there) called Sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion. What?! Something with 'burst' in the name couldn't possibly be subtle....or could it?

I had to burst (and yep, I went there too) this one open immediately 'cuz I was curious...and because I have a deep fear of bronzers, and one of my New Years resolutions is to face my fears. I dispensed a pea-sized dollop. Sunburst is a medium-weight, milky white lotion, indeed with beads. Rubbed it onto my cheeks. And...

Best ever bronzer!!!! Oh, joy!

I'm fair-skinned (Irish-fair...that's extra fair) and I know I've mentioned this before, but bronzers always look orange-y, streaky, Lindsay Lohan-y on me, with one exception...until now. Sunburst smooths on, quickly soaks right in (it contains silicon polymers and cellulose to soak up any excess oil on the surface of your skin...which not only makes it a great bronzer but a great makeup primer) and made my skin look velvety soft and subtley (yea! subtle.) warm, glowy. The little beads 'burst' on contact and deliver a microburst of beautiful color.

This moisturizer-meets-bronzer is the perfect solution to orange-y bronzers and overly-long-lasting self tanners! The bronzing beads are encapsulated in the moisturizer and burst on contact with skin, delivering exactly the right dose of sun-burnished glow. It’s oil-free so it won’t clog pores and the water-resistant formula is sure to beat the heat! Too true.

Bonus alert: Sunburst contains Vitamins A and E to fight free radicals and condition your skin. Not only looks healthy, it is healthy. Which makes Tarte Sunburst THE bronzer for Spring '07. $22 for 1.5 oz.

A spcial 'thank you,' Candace, for the Sunburst sample.