Beverly Hills...more than just Oscar-Worthy Actors & Actresses

Some of the most beautiful people in the world come from and live in Beverly Hills. You and I might not come from or live in Beverly Hills, but we can reap some of the benefits that come from Beverly Hills. I was lucky to discover a fabulous new product, Skin MD Natural, created and manufactured in Beverly Hills, that helps create and maintain these world-class Beverly Hills beauties. Great news, it's clean and non-invasive!

"When 21st Century Formulations, the producers of Skin MD Natural, had perfected their new revolutionary development in skin care, none of the descriptions of existing products seemed to fit. A new definition was needed to accurately describe what their brainchild actually accomplished. That function of their creation was shielding our skin from the many toxic materials that it is exposed to in our ordinary everyday lives as well as preventing dehydration. The new category of skin care was therefore called a 'Shielding Lotion'."

What is a 'shielding lotion,' you ask? According to dermatologist Dr. Brian Zogg, "A shielding lotion is a lotion that forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better." Sounds pretty simple. And guess what? It is. You can use Skin MD Natural on your face, hands and body. It's that light and clean.

How does it work? Like this:

Skin MD Natural's 'thin' formula feels a little watery upon application. It sits on the surface of the skin for a moment before it soaks in. And once it does soak in, there is nothing you feel on the surface of you skin except VERY smooth skin. Powdery, silky smooth.

GirlPaint bonus alert: The past several nights, I have mixed a little Skin MD Natural into my regular facial treatments before bedtime. As a result, I have discovered two additional benefits of Skin MD Natural (yes, aside from the 'shielding' and protective ones already touted by the manufacturer). Skin MD Natural 1) stretches the life of any facial products I add it to, and therefore saves me money, and 2) seems to enhance the delivery of the active ingredients in my facial products--my skin has felt softer and looked smoother and brighter since I've started using Skin MD Natural. $25 for 4 oz.

Special thanks to Pete for the samples.