Academy Awards Coverage

Anonymous commented that I had posted last years red carpet photos of both Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman. Apparently Ms. Knightley didn't attend this year, even though Pirates of the Caribbean 12 was nominated for...well, for something; as a result, her photo has been removed. The photo of Ms. Kidman has been updated (I decided to leave '06--I think you'll see why). Thanks so much, Anonymous. You've been a big help.

Helen Mirren is THE winner. She looks amazing--hair, makeup, earrings, dress--all amazing. Well, heck, she just is amazing. Ms. Mirren embodies true royalty. Congratulations, Helen.

Oops, she did it again. Or maybe Cameron was actually trying to look like she's ready for Prom...in 1986.

Yikes!! Anne Hathaway's eyeliner is terribly heavy...and terribly scary! And her dress and jewelry are just plain terrible. Now, I know she's busy with college classes, but come on...there's just no excuse for this.

Kirsten Dunst? Is that you? Oh I guess it is.

Kirsten's foundation is too heavy (or maybe just the wrong color) and her lipstick is too dark, and too cool of a color, plus her highlights are also too heavy--all of this results in Kirsten looking much older than she is. Nuh-uh...don't do this again, Kirsten. You're way too young to look this old. It's just tooo....tooo....anyway. Let's move on.

Someone deemed Jennifer Lopez one of the 'best dressed' this year at Oscar; however, I have to disagree. The dress makes her look pregnant. If she is pregnant, then GREAT...congrats! But if not, then the choice of this dress is just bad, bad, bad. Plus, her makeup is dated--heavy lipliner, too much eye shadow and streaky blush work against her natural beauty. Plus her hair is over-done. It looks like her hairdresser ran out of time.

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce...why are her dresses always too long? I just don't get this. Does she not have fittings before she goes to the Oscars (or the Grammys, for that matter)? If the extra length is intentional, would someone please tell her it's not working? It makes her look shorter. And this white dress, while lovely, is not suited to her body. But as always, Beyonce's hair is gorgeous, and her makeup is quite tasteful and very pretty.

Cate Blanchett displays another winning look. The metallic dress she's wearing is dramatic and perfectly offsets her precise grey eyeliner. The rest of her makeup and her hair are subtle and understated. Lovely!

Although her makeup is very nice, Jodie Foster missed the mark with her choice of dress and hairstyle. The dress is ill fit, though the color certainly works (it matches her eyes perfectly!). The hair is just too casual and a little 'soccer mom' blah.

Even though she didn't take home Oscar, Penelope Cruz is a winner with this look. Perfectly balanced makeup, hair, jewelry and dress. And not at all boring, just beautiful.

Rachel Wiesz is stunning. Her hair, while mussy, looks completely appropriate with her very tailored makeup--lovely deep wine shade of lipstick! Her necklace compliments her dress.

Nicole looks fine (in 2006...on the left). Pretty, simple, classic. I am actually very surprised that she's not wearing a necklace (what's up with that?), but her makeup is really pretty and fresh. Frankly, Nicole's haircolor is too light and is beginning to look like the same color as her skin, which is beginning to make her look old.

Judging by the 2007 photo (on the right...in RED), she's had a rough year. Her makeup is exactly the SAME, but she has clearly lost some weight and had her lips done. The dress is pretty, though.

Jessica pulls off another winning look. Her makeup and hair are subtle and naturally beautiful, offset by her dramatic fuscia dress. Wow.

Photos courtesy of Oscar.com