Rough Week...Holy Merde

I've been AWOL from GirlPaint this week due to several late-night events (I'm an event planner in my "real life"), plus I got no sleep and as a result, a big zit on my cheek popped up and won't go away...NOTHING in my skincare regimen is working.

However, some fabulous cosmetics came to my rescue. My saving graces this week in no particular order (like my life...no particular order) are:

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Warm BeigeBobbi Brown Creamy Concealer I dug out my Bobbi Brown concealer to see if any aid and/or comfort could be found inside it's shiny black confines. And, oh yes. I had actually forgotten how well this almost-sticky full-but-natural-coverage concealer really conceals. I owe my job (and my self-esteem) to Bobbi this week. Bless you, Bobbi, bless you.

Next up...NARS Blush Cheek Color in Penny Lane goes on so perfectly. Soft, subtle color. And so smooth...like a baptism for my cheeks. You'd never guess my complexion was a wreck. Really...no, really. And thank you, St. Francois.

My third savior in the week's Holy Trinity cosmetics is Paula Dorf Lipsicle Degas. Paula Dorf's Lipsicles are that perfect blend of lipstick and lipgloss--long-lasting, subtle color with that just-right touch of shine. Not too gloppy (is that a word?) or slick. And Degas is that perfect shade, the color of your lips only better...a sandy mauve-pink. Paula, you are a goddess.

This week was all about giving praise to the gods and goddesses of makeup. Let's all genuflect, confess and give thanks. Amen.