Golden Globes Oopsies and Oh No's

Arquettes, what’s with the eyeliner? And streaky blush? And bad hair? Three strikes, you’re out, Ladies.

What was Cameron thinking? She’s newly single, and her new look may give us a clue as to why. This hints at “All About Eve.” This dress, well, whatever…it’s just a good thing that GirlPaint’s focus is makeup.

No comment.

Chloe, please find some concealer. And for goodness sakes, get your hair done, it’s the Golden Globes.

This is Edward Zwick; he’s a Golden Globe-nominated director. He is not, I repeat NOT, a recent escapee from a sleep study clinic. Perhaps Mr. Zwick started 'celebrating' his nomination when it was announced…and simply never stopped?

Renee, for the last time, eat something! And please, quit pursing your lips.

Two words: powder and hairspray

Guys shouldn’t wear makeup--Michael C. Hall's been hanging out with undertakers again it seems.

But they should have their hair done--dude, you're Lost! Bad-messy.

20th Century Fox's Newest Release: Count Dracula meets the Emerald Queen. No? Mr. & Mrs. Murdoch, you say? Yikes.

photos courtesy of AP and Reuters