Celebrity Hair, No Sulfates...no Waiting!

So, over the holidays my hair was in desparate need of a "roots job" (as in "my greys were showing") and of course, not a single stylist in town has an appointment available. Well, I decide that I'm not waiting until the new year for a new "do," so while I'm doing some last-minute holiday shopping (yes, for myself...is that so wrong?), I grab a box of cheap...ehem, inexpensive store-brand hair color and "do" myself.

Mistake. Mistake. Mistake. The result was way too dark and the harsh ammonia left my hair very dull and flat. Gross. It was like a pile of dark (very dark) brown straw...or maybe more like moss. Anyway, my hair looked like it had been in someone's garden...and not like a flower, more like mulch or worse, compost.

Luckily a good friend had sent me a few travel-sized bottles of Sudzz FX hair cleansers (that's what they call their shampoos) and restorative treatments (and that's what they call their conditioners).

I'd never heard of Sudzz FX and, as a former professional hairdresser, between the pastel-colored contents and the name "Sudzz FX," I wasn't sure what I was getting myself (further) into, but I was desparate...again. Long story short (right!) next chance I got, I washed my hair with the pink Sudzz FX cleanser called Cashmere. Aptly named, this pink shampoo literally washes moisture into your hair. Smells wonderful, too.

I followed Cashmere first with the restorative treatment called Moxee--it's the baby blue one. Now this name I like. And the results, well, I love! Again, fabulous scent. Plus my hair "drank" this stuff in and after I rinsed, my hair didn't feel slimy, greasy or "conditioned"...just very soft and very smooth. I decided I liked Moxee so much that I tried another "restorative treatment" called Enhance. Enhance is a yellow-colored "daily" moisturizer and restorer, so you only leave it on 30 seconds but you'll see--and feel--a dramatic difference. And the scent is light and heavenly.

I mention the scents of the Sudzz FX line because I am not terribly crazy about heavily scented (read: really smelly) hair products. Many of them smell like they are masking something scary underneath...like some weird chemical is lurking just underneath that overpowering flowery-and-or-fruity smell of many shampoos and conditioners. Well, not Sudzz FX. The scents are all really pretty...lightly tropical...lightly sweet...and just, well...light. Very nice.

Added bonus: Suddz FX incorporates some of the finest organic ingredients along with some of the most high-tech ingredients...and NO sulfates. So they actually soften your hair, help it hold its style longer AND lengthen the life of your hair-color job (not like this was really my goal).

By the way, after my FIRST use of Sudzz FX Cashmere, Moxee and Enhance, my hair looked like my hair again. The dull, lifeless mess that I had created was fixed!

Celebrity Alert: Jennifer Aniston, Gov. Schwarzenegger and Diddy (is that his name now? I can't keep up) use Sudzz FX Cashmere. Why? It extends the life of their color jobs...and I can guarantee THEY spend more than I did.