Mark Me Down for Eyeko

Yesterday in "Recommended Gifts to Keep You Lovely," I featured Eyeko's Fruity Felt Lip Pens. These fun "markers for your mouth" offer a highly pigmented formula that lasts all day.

Well, yesterday afternoon, my sweet hubbie and I were headed out for a nice, long afternoon hike, and before we left (and just in case we happened to bump into Russell Crowe--he's filming a movie in town--I NEVER, EVER leave the house without a little sumpin-sumpin' on my face), I grabbed my Pink Eyeko Lip Pen and drew some color across my cheeks, rubbed in to blend and headed out the door. Incidentally, the color was the just-right shade of healthy, glowy pink, making me look like I just pinched my cheeks...tres Scarlett O'Hara.

Last night, I started my nightly skincare routine and just before throwing on my facial cleanser, I examined my face and realized that the Eyeko Lip Pen color glow was still there...just as perfect as it was several hours earlier (and remember, I applied this before a lengthy, rigorous hike!). I must say I was amazed! And very impressed...can you imagine the perfect cheek color--the one that appears to emanate from within--and it lasts all day? Well, I'm sold, and I vow to never be without one of these portable pens. The size of Eyeko's Fruity Felt Lip Pens is great for popping in your purse or your pocket and they can go with you anywhere. A great stocking stuffer at $16! Available at CherryCulture.com

Many thanks to Michael at CherryCulture for the generous samples

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