Glowing, Beautiful....and Younger by the Day!

I gotta a couple of new goodies in the mail this week that I had to share with you...and I am now looking forward to a glowing-er (yes, it's a word--I coined it myself) holiday season!

First up, from Skin Actives Scientific (SAS)* is their CHAS Antioxidant Serum. CHAS is short for Complete Hydrophilic AntiOx Serum (when they say "Scientific," they mean it). I could go into all the details about CHAS but it's been a few years since my last chemistry class and I might flub it up trying to explain this one. To get the lowdown on what ingredients CHAS contains and specifically what each ingredient does, I strongly encourage you to visit the SAS CHAS product page. In a nutshell, this golden, medium-consistency serum contains the best and most complete antioxidant formula available, plus it contains SAS's own exclusive protein called SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) which basically fights free radical damage on a level that's not normally seen in any skincare product. The result: a glowing complexion that is protected on an amazingly broad scale! For anyone out there who has experienced sun damage and environmental damage (pollution), this serum will go a long way to keep your skin protected (and I mean really protected) and to improve the moisture and elasticity of your skin. In the couple of days I've been using CHAS, my skin has already taken on a smoother, glowier quality. I can barely wait until Christmas--I'm unwrapping new skin as we speak! CHAS is a revolution in a bottle...for your skin.
Next up is DuWop Bronzerush June. Bronzerush is a beautiful gold palette that includes a golden, silky-smooth powder bronzer and a deceptively bright coral translucent gel blush. When I saw this kit, I immediately shied away, as I ALWAYS do with bronzers. With my fair skin, I inevitably end up with streaky, orange cheeks when I use bronzer. But Bronzerush was so beautiful that I just had to try it, and much to my surprise the color was, in a word, perfect--subtle, warm and not all orange-y. And the gel blush added an amazingly natural color to the apples of my cheeks. It offset the gold in the bronzer perfectly and made me look like I spent a day on the slopes. This fabulous palette is also available in Bronzerush August that contains a bronzier (yes, another word I coined--deal with it) bronzer and a deep cherry cheek color, perfect for those of you with medium to deep complexions.

*You've never heard of Skin Actives Scientific? Well get ready to hear a lot more about 'em because they are doing revolutionary things with the best active skincare ingredients. SAS are scientists, literally, who are using proven research and real life testing to develop truly "active" skincare formulations. They also offer their active ingredients separately so that you can mix and customize your own formula.