Give Yourself a Hand...Up

We spend all this time making our hair, eyes, cheeks and lips beautiful, and for some silly reason we tend to abuse and neglect one of the most touching parts of our beautiful selves--our hands. Well, help is on the way. The amazing team at get fresh spa brings us an incredible collection to help us all discover how lovely our hands can truly be...

get fresh's CORRECT collection is specially designed for those of us over 30 (who me? Naaaahhhh...well, maybe) whose hands are starting to show the cumulative effects of age (oh, boy), sun exposure, washing dishes, changing diapers (well, some of us), a few decades of winters and summersand endless hours of keyboarding and paperwork.

CORRECT includes get fresh's Hand Treatment, a lightening and resurfacing treatment that includes actives like AHAs, BHAs and Kojic Acid extract plus a fantastic SPF protective formula. The next step is get fresh's Hand Serum, a nighttime, nutrient-rich formula for aging hands that heals damage with goodies like seaweed extract, jojoba and neem seed oil. Third is this powerhouse is get fresh's Hand Moisture Mask, an intensively hydrating formula remedies dry, cracked hands with wheat germ extract.

Younger hands in three steps? Very handy!
Get Fresh Hand Treatment Correct 1Get Fresh Hand Serum Correct 2 (Original Price $39.00)Get Fresh Hand Moisture Mask Correct 3