Forget Suzy Chapstick...We've Got Tarte!

The temperature's dropping and the snow's a-falling. Time to hit the slopes (or the mall), and before too long it'll be time to steal a kiss from that special someone under the mistletoe. Soft, shiny lips are mandatory, Gals. How to achieve this labial perfection, you ask? Well, I recently discovered Tarte Slide Tin Lip Balm and I will not be without it from now on!

With SPF 15 and loads of rich treats like avocado oil and vitamin E, your lips will be smiling pretty and kissably soft in no time flat! Tarte Lip Balm goes on thick, and one application lasts for a good 3-4 hours. Perfect for daytime, nighttime (layered over your favorite lipstick) or at bedtime.

Protective and sexy all at once (just like your dream guy, am I right?), Tarte Lip Balm comes in four lovely, sheer colors that include Bee Stung (beautiful, true pink--my personal favorite), Mouth Off (deep cranberry), Pucker Up (baby pink) and Lip Tease (peachy coral). Each color is lightly sweet (Tarte describes the flavor as a honey sugar cookie--yum!), so Tarte Slide Tin Lip Balms really are a treat. Can anyone say Stocking Stuffers? $12