Anti-Aging Success News!

It seems that the scientific community has made yet another anti-aging breakthrough with regards to skin care. Recently researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland (the Swiss seem to always be on the cutting edge of this kind of research...nice watches, too), found that hyaluronate (aka hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate) can reverse skin atrophy (aka aging).

As you age, the thickness of both the epidermis (outter layer of skin) and dermis (layer of skin that contains collagen, elastin and blood supply that feeds the skin) decrease dramatically. By the time you reach the age of 80, you lose a significant amount of the collagen and elastin (hence, sagging skin) and the epidermis can thin by as much as half! The article noted, "No-one knows why skin atrophy occurs, but it is becoming more common as people live longer, and there is no effective treatment for it." Scary, huh?

Well, enter the Swiss scientists. A topical application of HAFi (hyaluronate) for one month caused skin thickening and clinical improvement people with "skin atrophy."The collagen, elastic fiber, and blood vessel content of the dermis also increased in treated patients.

Hurray! Where can we obtain this magic cure, you ask? Well, it's not magic. The article noted that there was virtually no effect on "normal" skin, so unless you're say age 40+, I'm not sure if hyaluronate will do anything for you. The good news here is that it won't harm you, either, so...your call. Plus, hyaluronate is widely available (both inexpensively and very expensively) in many skin care creams, treatments and primers.

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