Stick it to Redness

BECCA Stick Foundation is unlike any stick or creme foundation I have ever tried. The texture is altogether different. Most have the soft, almost slick, consistency of a creme-to-powder foundation...but not BECCA. This stick is dense, yet creamy. It goes on sheer but offers the perfect, even coverage--hard to explain, but in a word "perfect." On top of the perfect, buildable coverage, BECCA Stick Foundation "contains a high SPF 30+ to protect against over 90 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Antioxidant vitamins A, D, and E help to increase collagen renewal and the skins' water holding capacity, making this a genuine antiaging foundation." So again unlike many other foundations that contain a wealth of unpronounceable, pore-clogging ingredients, BECCA Stick Foundation is actually good for your skin! Even with a hefty SPF 30 (yes!), it is suitable for even ultra-sensative skin. A broad range of redness-reducing colors are available, and at $39, it is worth every penny (and then some) for the look of perfect skin.

Very special thanks to Nicole for the sample of BECCA Stick Foundation in Tahini