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Who is GirlPaint and why did you start the GirlPaint blog?

Check out About GirlPaint to find out who and why.

What is reviewed on GirlPaint and why?

GirlPaint is an avid sampler of beauty products. As a former professional in the makeup and skincare industry, I still have many contacts in the beauty world. Many products are items I use on a daily basis--they're already considered favorites. Also, because of the attention the GirlPaint blog receives, many wonderful beauty manufacturers reach out to GirlPaint, send samples and we review them. Simple as that.

I represent a cosmetic and/or skincare line and would like to work with you. Do you accept product samples and information?

Samples are gladly accepted, based on their appropriateness to GirlPaint's current content and direction. Feel free to email me so I can provide you with our home office mailing address. Sampling and review your new (and new-to-me) and featured products is an effective method to reach new customers (our readers) who are already "in" when it comes to the world of beauty. Our process: we will let you know when a product review is published; we will provide you with site stats and follow up as necessary.

Can I advertise on GirlPaint?

Absolutely! I welcome link exchanges with other beauty-inspired websites, manufacturers of beauty-related products and other beauty and fashion blogs. Just email me and I will happily add your website link to my site in exchange for a link on yours.

Additionally, full-fledged advertising opportunities are available through Blogads, Adster, Google Adsense.