Perfect Perfumes Revisited

As an event planner, I typically work on Saturdays. So, today I was getting ready to head into town (and incidentally capped off my morning shower with Jaqua's Pink Buttercream Body Butter--ohhhh, heaven in a jar!) and off to work...

Anywhooo, for some reason, instead of grabbing my bottle of classic Fendi, I reached for the little bottle of perfume oil in the back. Rolled it on. Wow! Very nice. What is this? I looked down at the label. And, oh yeah. I forgot I had this. In my hand I held Perfect Perfumes Bliss Perfume Oil.

Bliss is a luscious, lightly floral, wonderfully tropical scent. I dabbed another touch behind my ears and on the nape of my neck, and ....it was like being whisked away to a wedding in Fiji! Romantic and sensual--and quintessentially feminine. I felt so girly, I was even inspired to put on my pearls. Want to know what? It's now (at least) 16 hours later, and I am still experiencing a state of Bliss...it's still on my skin. So warm and pretty, I think I might wear it again tomorrow (and stay in bed).

For those of you who have never heard of the Perfect Perfumes line, they were created by Sarah Horowitz at Creative Sensualizations. If you have heard of them, then you already know that each of the Perfect scents is truly unique and beautiful. However, if you don't find one you love (barely believeable, but it happens), Sarah and her talented team will take you on A Fragrance Journey on which you will divulge your hopes, dreams, memories and desires and they will create "your perfect scent." Can you imagine? Your own true fragrance--made especially for you? Talk about the best Holiday gift ever!