Gotta Getta Jeddah

Okay, this isn't really my usual schtick, but in my latest round of Google searches, an intriguing little result came up. Those of you out there who are interested in cosmetics, dermatology and skincare as an industry and career move might want to consider attending the JeddaDerm Jeddah International Dermatology & Cosmetics Conference, which "...is held annually in Jeddah , the Pride of the Red Sea." What? Really? Hey, if you don't have anything else going on in March, more specifically March 5-8, 2007, consider attending. The program offers four full days of conferences with more than 30 workshops. And here's one of the best parts: it's being held at the Jeddah Hilton! Only 15 minutes from the airport, and they tout a bowling alley as one of their featured guest amenities.

So, throw on your burkhas and get out there, Girls. Speakers and presenters are yet to be announced, but the committee is comprised of a whole bunch of male dermatologists (most of whom call Saudi Arabia home...hmmmmmmm), and the daily conference program does include daily "Prayer & Lunch" and "Prayer & Coffee Break" segments...just in cast you were wondering. But hurry and get your registration submitted, because the fee increases on January 5th!
photo courtesy of www.jeddaderm.com