Brighten Up, Already

Too Faced Carribbean in a Compact - Snow Bunny
Too Faced Carribbean in a Compact: Snow Bunny Too Faced calls this little baby a "bronzer" but I beg to differ. I am one of those people who gets near bronzer and immediately I jump over into to Oomp-a-loompa ville (it probably doesn't help that I'm 5'2" flat-footed, either). So I approached Too Faced's Snow Bunny cautiously. Swept a little, gingerly, across my cheek. and ...wait a minute. Hey, look, it's me...with "bronzer"...and I don't have the Lindsey Lohan-orange look! Au contraire, I look good in "bronzer" (well, this one anyway). My skin takes on a fabulous glow. Healthy, sunny...vacationed. Thank you, Too Faced. Finally a bronzer for us fair-skinned creatures--there are a few of us out there, am I right? Oh, and Snow Bunny is multi-purpose. The Fawn Shimmer (white stripe) and Delicate Pink (pink stripe) make fabulous, natural-looking highlighters on the browbone and inner corners. Not to mention the Golden Bronze (bronze stripe) which looks great as a contour color or base color on the eyes (especially on blue eyes...whoa! it really make 'em pop)...and it doubles as a very pretty, subtle liner when applied wet. You got it all, now, Ladies. Snow Bunny's only $25, and you didn't even have to go all the way to the Carribbean (or Aspen) to get it.