Brighten Up Already, Part II

I just received a fabulous sample (thanks again, Bevin) of Sue Devitt's E-Z Eyeshadow in Nola. Only $18 at Sephora, here's another great highlighter to add to your growing list of "Lighten Up" product must-haves! E-Z is a loose powder pigment with glimmer and shimmer benefits that rolls on, easy at that. Although it's designed to be an eyeshadow, E-Z can be used anywhere you want to lighten and brighten your complexion. It looks lovely down the bridge of the nose, on the cupid's bow (the little dip right above your upper lip), on the round of your chin and on your chest. You can roll it on full-strength for glamourous, high-beam results, or simply rub with your fingertips to soften the effect, for when you've got to meet for lunch with that ever-important (conservative) client...or your boss--and still look glowingly great. Plus, it's from Sue Devitt--definitively one of the best artists in the biz.