Boto-What? Beautiful Skin, Anyway

Boto-Nature รข€“ The Natural Face Lift 1 oz.
Okay, so I tried BuyBeauty.com's Boto-Nature (The Natural Face Lift) and thought at $40 (technically, $39.95) what good is this gonna do? Well, it does alot of good.

First of all, the scent: there isn't one. Which is good. No heavy purfumes or weird smell that tend to mask ingredients.

Then there's the texture. Upon opening the plain, unassuming plastic jar, it looks like an ordinary somewhat thick cream. It goes on like a butter, but it sinks in quickly and effectively. NO greasy residue to speak of. In fact, if you have very dry skin, this deceptively rich-textured cream disappears into your skin and you may need a "moisturizer" to avoid feeling "taught. "

My skin tends to react poorly to such a product, with breakouts being of particular concern, but with Boto-Nature...none. I have been using this treatment for two weeks now and my skin is glow-y, pink. Healthy! Well with ingredients like these, what else could one expect? Highly effective moisturizers including Dimethicone (which reduces irritation and plumps up your skin on a cellular level) and youth-inducing treatment ingredients like CoQ10 (yes, THE anitoxidant of antioxidants), Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid keep your skin clear, smooth and healthy. Beware Vegans, this baby does contain Lanolin, which creates a very effective moisture barrier and imparts silkiness, but it is derived from sheep's wool.

I must say that I was afraid this product would clog my pores, as rich as it appears to be, but since I have been using it, my face has literally GLOWED. Again, if you tend to be on the drier end of the spectrum, I recommend an additional moisturizer over the top, but for the price, Boto-Nature is a fantastic skin treatment that has, so far, exceeded my expectations.