Oprah on E.L.F. Cosmetics...for real, ya'll!

Check out Oprah's Editor Pick for e.l.f. cosmetics!Want to know the latest buzz? ...the editor at Oprah just choose her Pre Designed Compact, now you can get it too! Includes: Compact, Sage, Flushed, Sugar Plum, Guava.

e.l.f.'s Sage eyeshadow, an almost-celery green that looks fabulous on those of us with dark brown, light brown, hazel and green eyes. When I wear Sage, it really brings out the gold in my eyes and makes them look so clear and bewitching. Gotta love that!

Flushed is a warm pink powder blush with a beautiful shimmer, that gives you that nice, flushed (hence, the name) glow. Keep your compact handy, though, because this is not the longest wearing stuff.

Sugar Plum and Guava are moisturizing pot lip colors. Sugar Plum is a deep mauve with a light shimmer. Sugar Plum is absolutely stunning on both fair and deep complected beauties. Guava is a lovely, natural color...just like your lips but a shade or two deeper...without the shimmer. Guava is for those "conservative" or "natural" looks.

And don't forget, EVERYTHING at e.l.f. is $1! These cosmetics are not baby-girl colors or formulations, but the real thing. They aren't M.A.C., but great lip glosses and eye shadows are found in droves and the remaining offerings are really quite nice.