The Lip Gloss Deal of the Season from Sephora

Get the perfect pout for the Holidays! For $50 you receive both Lipfusion XL and Lipfusion Kiss (at this price, you get Kiss'ed for FREE).

With both Lipfusion XL, which gives you those wonderful, sexy, smooth lips without the pain, and Kiss colored Lipfusion classic, a beautiful sheer pink-gold gloss. Plus the plumping effect is longlasting and builds over time. Lipfusion doesn't give you those overly fat lips (think Jessica Simpson) but very natural, soft fullness. Ahhhhhhh, just right. An added bonus of Lipfusion is that the moisture and gloss really treat your lips, unlike some of those painful, stinging plumpers that actually end up drying your poor lips out (Egads...we don't need that with winter coming on!). This Lipfusion deal is truly a steal...the deal of the season, anyway.
Fusion Beauty Pucker Up! ($88 Value) Pucker Up!